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Aikido for the Future | Lynn FabiaLynn Fabia

Aikido for the Future

Serene LandscapeAikido is about balance in life, in spirit and in body as opposed to a weapon and in the understanding that the mindset is the most powerful weapon of all.This site is dedicated to Aikido.  As we explore this powerful concept together, you will learn the martial art of life. There are many adversaries in life and not all are physical.  Some are mental, spiritual, and others may be emotional. In my first publication, The Martial Art of Life, The Art of Intentional Living, concepts are given which will allow you to handle real life situations, in ways that are direct, diplomatic, and effective.  You will learn that the techniques seen in the art of Aikido can be applied to all areas of your life, and when practiced, can take you to a place in your mind and spirit that can change your life forever. As your level of understanding increases, you can create the life you are meant to have, through the process of self-actualization.

Lynn Fabia’s journey began as one who was shy, reactive, and fearful of many things, causing her to become limited in social interactions and ultimately in her understanding of life. However, in accordance with the teachings of spiritual entities who communicate to her through a well known medium Robert Caruso, Ms. Fabia has been availed the opportunity to learn some of the most powerful tools in mankind’s interactions. As a result, through these teachings, her life and social interactions have changed dramatically. From one who was once shy, introverted, and passive to someone who has reached others in over one hundred lectures on these life concepts, has a better understanding of her purpose and now an author of her first publication The Martial Art of Life, The Art of Intentional Living.