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The Difference between Self-Mastery and a Perfectionist

Self-mastery is a point of having command over yourself, your own abilities, your own desires, and being able to discern from protectionism and process. It is your ability to move through your life deliberately and with ease. Perfectionism many times can be fear-based, such as, “I have to do this exactly right so I can be seen in a certain way.” This is the difference. A person who is not developed in self-mastery will be a perfectionist. They have to prove what they doubt.

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Defining Truth

What is truth? Truth isn’t just saying the right thing or even saying the thing that is true. Saying the truth is one thing and acting true is another thing, but being true is a state of being.  This means being true to yourself and to those whom you interact with and there is no need to dominate in any way.  This is the essence of living in truth.

When I am teaching Aikido, my intent is “this is what I can show you, or this is what could help you.”  I see martial arts as a way to better themselves. A large percentage of martial art teachers are doing it because of their lack of self-confidence and this is why they became martial art instructors to show others they are doing something extraordinary.

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