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Defining Truth | Lynn FabiaLynn Fabia

Defining Truth

What is truth? Truth isn’t just saying the right thing or even saying the thing that is true. Saying the truth is one thing and acting true is another thing, but being true is a state of being.  This means being true to yourself and to those whom you interact with and there is no need to dominate in any way.  This is the essence of living in truth.

When I am teaching Aikido, my intent is “this is what I can show you, or this is what could help you.”  I see martial arts as a way to better themselves. A large percentage of martial art teachers are doing it because of their lack of self-confidence and this is why they became martial art instructors to show others they are doing something extraordinary.

If a person is unwilling to help another person become as an enlightened as them, then they are not as enlightened in the first place, they just have the rhetoric.  Society places the focus on the belief system which basically says “I have to dominate, I have to control.” The enlightened person doesn’t have to dominate and doesn’t want to dominate. They teach and they learn from others, it is an exchange of energy

Several months ago I stopped by a martial arts store to pick up some supplies.  The owner of the store had taken some private classes from me in the recent past as he had been impressed by one of my students who tested for her black belt. While I was waiting he introduced me to one of his instructors in his martial art school.  The instructor began asking me questions about Aikido. I began by informing him that it was a non-aggressive martial art based on redirecting the opponent. He then began to boast about his approach in teaching.  His mind, besides being aggressive, was also dominant and it was obvious he felt that way in all situations including the conversation. Everything was about him, a very narcissistic mentality which does not ever work out. One of the easiest things in taking someone down is someone who is totally focused on themselves, since they don’t understand balance. He may know technique, but if he was in a confrontation with someone who didn’t have an ego mindset, he would lose.  His mindset is built on a facade meant to scare, meant to intimidate and in actuality shows the shield of someone lacking in self-worth.  Many of those who are involved in the real violent martial arts are not there for the training or understanding, they are there for the ability to dominate.

Lynn Fabia

Personal Development Expert, Speaker, Author & Visionary. Now is the time for a change of life, a change that must be made in a way that is harmonious with the environment and the world.

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  1. Leilani Sabin says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on truth. Living in truth to me means facing everything with love and kindness. As a student of the healing form of Pan Gu Qi Gong, the premise is to not lose your temper, to be loving and kind and to achieve results with your actions. I feel we all have a general purpose in life, a preordained destiny, that we follow and by being true to ourselves, it lays down before us to be followed and realized. Dominance serves to cloud our minds and make our true path less clear.
    I can’t say that I am perfect in this, by no means, but I try to practice these teachings with family, friends and acquaintances. It can be difficult!
    So, my question to you is we know who family members are. How do you define friends and friendship? What are your thoughts on how to approach or maintain friendships?
    Thanks Lynn!

    • Lynn Fabia Lynn Fabia says:

      Hi Lani,

      I can hear in your comments that you lean toward holistic arts. The holistic arts being the connection of the spirit, mind and body.This in itself, changes our thoughts and behavior in our daily interactions with others, whether it be working or family relationships. I also feel each of us has a purpose in life. When that purpose is defined a shift happens and you will be able to feel it.

      I would like to address your questions as to my definition of friends and friendship.
      There are different levels of friends which would constitute different levels of friendship. You have acquaintances which are those you meet periodically in your life and have light conversations. Then you have work friends at your job. The conversations are more varied and many may discuss personal issues, but they don’t disclose everything. You also have friends from work that you separate from the others, in which you can delve deeper into conversations on topics in which you both have an interest. But the friendship most people aspire to are the ones you feel a connection with. You may go months or years without speaking to each other, however, if you pick up the phone it will feel just like where you left off. There is no judgment made ever, but joy in hearing each others voices and catching up with the latest developments.They are happy to be connected to each other. I would term these friends as ‘spiritual friends’. As to how you approach friends and maintain friendships, I would say through respect. Respect does not have an expiration date.

      To your spiritual journey,
      Lynn Fabia

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