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Latest Interviews & Press Articles | Lynn FabiaLynn Fabia

Testimonials & Press

Latest Interviews & Press Articles

“The common denominator for all successful aikidoka is the element of sensitivity between attacker and defender. Without this type of connection, the defender cannot ‘predict’ attacker’s intentions, and the attacker cannot react to the defender’s response. Whether it is the appropriate amount of tension in a wrist grab, or the ‘quietness of mind’ before an engagement, Fabia Sensei excels in this sensitivity training. Fabia Sensei projects this stillness and confidence in her words and actions, on and off the mat. Thank you for your guidance.”

James E. Woods II, Chief Instructor                                                                                                                 Rising Spirit Aikido Center, Plano, TX


As a relatively large man, it is interesting to look at Aikido from my perspective. Larger Aikido practitioner’s rely on their size. I believe smaller Aikido practitioners have an initial advantage; they immediately have to study the nuances of the technique to make them work. I will tell you that I was immediately intrigued with Fabia Sensei when I saw her size. Watching Fabia Sensei take people down many times her size (i.e. including me) on the mat, validated the art for me. My thinking was straightforward, ‘if this works for Sensei, it should work for me’.


Vernon Williams                                                                                                                                                       Lawyer


“Lynn is a natural teacher – with the ability to simplify in word and demonstration. She absolutely makes learning fun and the student leaves with an appetite for more. What she teaches is significant on many levels in a person’s life. To be able to defend ones self without violence is empowering.”

-Sue Murphy

Published Interviews & Articles

“The Lady Yoda – An Unexpected Black Belt”
Alex Ramsey’s Leadership Mojo feature article about Lynn Fabia

“Aikido for Life – An Interview with A Master”
Interview with Lynn Fabia by Robert Caruso for Changing Times Magazine

Testimonies from attendees – TCU, Ft. Worth,TX

“She is definitely a role model. There’s a communion of spirit and intent that I think is channeled through women – an understanding of a different kind of courage, potential and power than men have. Lynn’s instruction style is clear, direct, and quietly insistent. The message ‘you can do this’ was clearly communicated. I am continually amazed and humbled in her presence.”
S.R. Douglas

“I was pleasantly surprised – her power was very impressive.” Seminar attendee,  Ft. Worth, TX

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