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The Martial Art of Life, The Art of Intentional Living | Lynn FabiaLynn Fabia


The Martial Art of Life – The Art of Intentional Living


      In the ground-breaking book, “The Martial Art of Life, The Art of  Intentional Living”, Lynn Fabia reveals that life is an energetic flow, a process that needs to be understood. A technique will be shown that can be seen in the art of Aikido and all of life that can take you to a place in your mind and spirit, which will change your life forever. As your level of understanding increases, you can create the life you are meant to have, a life of self-actualization.

$26.45 Priority Mail




Discover through a new level of understanding:

  • When you are centered, you are always alive.
  • Life is not happening to you, your life is created by you.
  • Being in a high vibration allows you to process pain and releases the need for control.
  • Resistance never works and redirection works 100% of the time.
  • There are primarily two aspects to life, either creation or fear.

“I really enjoyed your book, how you treat the flow of energy and your ideas on non-resistance. I am going to make your book a recommended reading for my workshops and private clients. Your work is certainly a gift to the world.”

Dana Kellogg

At the age of 24, I have felt like I was searching for something. This book has pointed me in the right direction. More and more people are rising up to look for the truth and meaning in life, and this book is a wonderful foundation to start with. For me personally, this book was a trigger that has set me on my spiritual path. It has encouraged me to develop myself in truly fulfilling ways. From the time that I have read the first chapter of “The Martial Art of Life,” I have noticed one door after another opening to opportunity and understanding. I am beginning to be more conscious and aware of my mindset. If you truly take in the loving guidance from this book, you will be able to witness the positive changes in your life. However, this book is for someone with an open mind, but if you choose to accept the information offered, you will be so happy that you did! I hope this book will inspire you the way it did me.

-Lisa, Atlanta, GA

Spiritual Food for Thought




In her second book, “Spiritual Food for Thought” Lynn Fabia has a collection of spiritual quotes which steps outside of the perceived norm, expanding and connecting to ultimate consciousness. Imagine each phrase being a scene, as in a meadow. If your vibration is up, you will notice things in the landscape that are uplifting. If you’re upset, your vibration drops and you may first feel loneliness. Then as you begin to feel better you appreciate the beauty of the landscape and you see the connection of all of it.


 $15.45 Priority Mail

  • It’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you’ve decided to go.
  • How focus of your power, intent, and your awareness changes everything.
  • When one doesn’t exercise their power of choice, it keeps them in a cycle. It’s not about being weak or strong, but rather a redirection of power.
  • The person of integrity will always benefit from all situations, positive or negative.
  • How to release yourself from the ‘prison of fear.’

“Lynn Fabia’s view of both life and Aikido is profound, eye-opening, and unique. Ms. Fabia’s book is not only spiritual food for thought, it is food for life, especially if you want that life to be more spiritual, rewarding, centered, and focused than you ever thought possible.” 

-Brian S. Zachariah, M.D., Aikido 2nd degree black belt

“Lynn’s work is a tribute to our planet and our well-being. She raises the vibration through well-spoken deep words that project love with the utmost respect for Aikido. Lynn verbalizes our shifts in consciousness as we align our bodies and minds and guides us into a flow. It is always a great pleasure to read her work.”

-Pauline McCharles, Inspirations Developer, Seattle, WA

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